Albania Photojournal: 20 photographs From Colorful Tirana

Arriving to the capital of Albania I am struck by how obvious is the expansion of Tirana. Houses and buildings, some more gaudy than others, spring out from the ground and shine against the grey sky like fresh mushrooms after summer rain.

Our new acquaintance, a not young but not old university teacher who is giving us a ride all the way from Durres, seems unphased as he explains that the new rich have taken a fancy in this kind of architecture.

We get off in the downtown and wander around aimlessly. Plunge in with me and enjoy the jester energy of yet another post-communist capital of the quickly evolving Eastern Europe.

This is my photo essay from Tirana.

Rainbow on a cloudy sky
Panel houses and wires
From my window

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At the market
The Great Pyramid of Tirana
View from the pyramid
Colors of Tirana
Only in Tirana you can get this pretty kitty.
Modern architecture scares me sometimes…
Street art gets me at the <3
Balconies are where the life is at

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Bricks, naked
All the old men ride a bicycle in Tirana
Not sure what is the purpose of this colored glass panel. Any ideas?
Carpet and stuff street seller
By the river (canal, really)
Colorful houses
Some commie art
They are reconstructing the space in front of the opera into a wide square full of fountains and green space right now.
All of the electricity boxes are painted this way.

Have you liked the photographs from Tirana? In that case, stay tuned – an article about hitchhiking across Albania is on the way! What do you think of post-communist countries? How does the architecture make you feel? I feel repulsed and attracted at the same time, and you? Let me know in the comments section!

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  2. Els

    I was there in 2010, it doesn’t look like a lot has changed, they were already working on the square opposite the opera back then! 🙂 Loved the contrast of modern Tirana and the old part with the market!

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