Basic Albanian Phrases For Your Budget & Hitchhiking Trip

Having basic language skills is a must when hitchhiking in a country; Albania is not an exception. Hitchhiking in Albania is relatively easy, however, you are likely to meet people who don´t speak any foreign language. To avoid a few misunderstandings and awkward moments, here is the survival cheat-sheet of Albanian language phrases you might need during your budget travel across this beautiful country.

It happened to me many times that the drivers asked for money for the ride, mostly before taking us in – it will be good for you to memorize the phrase  “I don´t have money” before getting on the road.

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This tiny dictionary is by no means complete, but it is what I learned from the local people and it served me well. I hope it will be useful for you too!

Albanian flag (Source of the image)

New to autostop? Learn to hitchhike like a pro even if you are a newbie!


1 një
2 dy
3 tre
4 kater
5 pes
6 gjashtë
7 shtatë
8 tetë
9 nëntë
10 dhjetë
11 njëmbëdhjetë
12 dymbëdjetë
13 trembëdhjetë
14 katërmbëdjetë
15 pesëmbedhjetë
16 gjashtëmbedhjetë
17 shtatëmbedhjetë
18 tetëmbedhjetë
19 nëntëmbedjetë
20 njezet

Absolute basics

Yes – po
No – jo
Thank you – faleminderit
Hello – përshëndetje
What is your name?-  si e ke emrin?
My name is …..  – emri im është …….

How are you? – Si jeni?
I´m fine and you ? – Un jam mirë po ti?
Please – Të lutem
What is this? – çfarë është ?
Look – Shiko
Do you have water? – A ke nevojë për ujë?

Can I sleep here? – A mundet të flej këtu

I (don’t) have a …. – Un (nuk) kam….
Money – Para

I don´t have money. – Un nuk kam para.

I am going to Tirana. – Unë jam duke shkuar për Tiranë.

Hitchhike – Autostop

My home – Shtepia ime
Good – Mirë


Mother – Mami
Father – Baba
Brother – Vëlla
Sister – Motër

Grandfather – Gjysh

Grandmother – Gjyshe

Husband – Burri
Wife – Gruaja

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Purple – Lejla
Yellow – Verdhë
Red – E kuqe
Blue – Blu
Orange – Portokalli
Brown – e kafe
White – e bardhë
Black – e zezë
Pink – e rozë
Green – jeshile

To be

Food and drinks

Vegetables – Perime
Fruit – Fruta

Apple – Mollë
Coffee – kafe

To have

I have  – un kam
you have – ti ke
he, she has – ai, ajo ka
we have – ne kemi
(more of) you have – ju keni
They have – ata kane

I dont have – un nuk kam
You dont have – ti nuk ke
He, she does have – ai nuk ka
We dont have – ne nuk kemi
You dont have – ju nuk keni
They dont have – ata nuk kane


Car – Makinë
Plane – avjon
Fly – fluturoj
+ plus
= e barabartë
School – Shkollë
Computer – Kompjuter

Book – Libër
Breakfast – Mëngjes
Crazy – Budalla

Sofa – Divani
Shoes – Këpucë

Shop – Duqan
Snake – Gjarpër


Frog – Bretkosa

Dog – Qen

Cat – Mace
Owl – Buf


Today – Sot

Tomorrow-  Nesër

Yesterday – Dje

A note on pronunciation

The Albanian language uses the latin alphabet, however, the pronunciaton differs from English. These are some sounds that might be completely unfamiliar:

Q – as “ch” in Cheap

Th – as English Th is Things

J – as “y” in Yellow

C – as “ts” in Wits

Ç – as “ch” in Cherry

Gj – as “j” in Jeep

Ë – as French e, silent. Similar to “a” in Above

Basic Albanian Phrases

I hope this short list of words will help you while traveling in Albania. Did you find a mistake? Please correct me in the comments! Do you know more words? Add them too!

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