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Work With Me

Great seeing you here! I hope that means you like my content and are wondering how we can help each other. Let me tell you what can I do for you.

What is Girl Astray all about?

Girl Astray caters original, solid content for people who like to think, learn and explore while they are on the road – be it short or long term. The most recurrent topics are hitchhiking, adventure and urban exploration, along with thoughtful travel essays.

So far, Girl Astray is a “one woman show” – that means honest communication and individual approach.

In the creative process, I focus on producing quality content – not only interesting topics and high resolution photography, though. I want to say the truth and turn stereotypes on their head.

If you are looking for a travel writer who can see past the obvious and deliver insights on culture, travel and personal development along with some fun and useful information, you are at the right place.

Why choose me?

Adventurous, honest and curious – that´s Girl Astray. Across the past year, the social media following of GA reached 5000 travel lovers (and counting) both male and female from all around the world who come to this website for refreshment in form of original writing style, enticing topics and captivating photography. Our readers are mostly between 18 – 35 years old people who value the independence and freedom that travel gives them. You can connect with them too if you work with me – I stand behind all my content and share it with my audience, if relevant. Besides of that, I offer unlimited revisions until you are satisfied.


  • freelance content writing and editing
  • photography (destinations, portraits, products etc.)
  • travel planning and consulting
  • guest posts
  • product reviews & giveaways
  • affiliate marketing
  • social media promotion
  • press trips
  • brand ambassadorship
  • sponsored content (written by GA)
  • translations (English – Spanish – Slovak – French)
  • online language lessons

Please note that your product or brand must align with my own brand philosophy in order to be featured at the website and presented to my readers.

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If there is something else on your mind, don´t hesitate to contact me! Drop me a line through the form below or simply email me at – if you prefer, connect with me via social media.