Charms and wonders: Flea market in Bogota, Colombia

Visiting Bogotá, Colombia should not be only about taking the free graffiti tour and a cable car to Monserrate (which are two things I spectacularly failed to do when living there for more than a year, but shush). It also shouldn´t be just that nasty place where you got robbed (so avoid hanging out in the neighborhood right under Monserrate, you free adventurous spirit!), but I will write more on that in another piece.

One thing I truly loved about Bogotá when I lived there were the flea markets; they are not really that organized – in the downtown, they just spring up in the streets like mushrooms after rain, and disappear just as fast as the bribe-lusting police officer approaches.

However, my favorite flea market in Bogotá happens every Sunday and I can (and will, so read on!) tell you all about where and when to find it. This is also a very photo heavy post because, just because! Stop questioning my blog choices and admire with me!

best flea market in bogota colombia
A matrioshka in Bogotá? Welcome to the flea market!

The best flea market in Bogotá: where and when?

This piece of nostalgic heaven is on the corner of the Carrera 7 with Calle 25  and nearby. It´s not really fit for buying stuff, practically speaking, since they overcharge you (everyone everywhere overcharges me because of my pale face, oh well!), but if you´re looking for a little magic to brighten your eyes (or your camera lens), it´s THE Place. It´s also a good spot to buy stones – I used to go there to get pretty pieces of quartz for making earrings.

Is it weird that I loved taking portraits of porcelain statues?

The day of the flea market is every Sunday. You will find it easily because it has a big entrance and besides, there are stalls and people sitting on the ground, their merchandise spread on dark cloth. You can buy some delicious coffee by the “gate” and stroll around, enjoying the bits and pieces of other peoples lives and dreams (and rubbish).

You know you want this on your night table.
Porcelain lady
I siffled through these photos, wondering what happened to their owners. What do you think?
A seller in a Robert Plant style shirt

Why I love it there (and you will too)

Going around and looking at what remains of the past makes me slip into a dreamy mood. I hope I can transmit a little bit of that with my pictures, but you should definitely go and check it out by yourself!

Opening some of the boxes, jars and ladylike handbags, you will get to discover many surprises, such as contraceptive pills probably from the seventies in an old purse (really!) or devilish slippers made out of hairy goat skin.

Afterwards, you can continue walking on the Septima, enjoying the local artists painting stuff on the sidewalks and playing amazing music while eating some snacks they sell all around. (Or keep your mouth sealed and be skinny, unlike me.)

The ugliest shoes ever
A man looking for his favorite record
Scissors & leather
Pretty jewelry boxes

Do you like flea markets? What is your favorite? Do you go to shops there or just watch as me? Share your tips in the comments!

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Where and when is the best flea market in Bogota? Find out where to find the prettiest antiques in Bogota, Colombia in this article.
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