New year, old me.

Sorry, not sorry.

I am not changing my life this year.

The only resolution I ever managed to keep was “I´m never, ever wearing high heels again, ever.” and that was some time ago already. (It had more to do with experiencing the dangerous combination of the cobblestoned heel-hating unfriendliness of the downtown and a pair of cheap-but-beautiful raspberry-pink pumps. And drunkness. Oh my, did that hurt.)

I am not vegan, less so vegetarian, I hate exercising (unless it is a grammar exercise, I love those, especially when I´m the teacher) and I have no intention of starting with yoga. No way, dude. Last time I was able to spread my legs that far apart, I was still a virgin. Forget it.

The only reason I am on a diet (which I started in october) is my ugly skin allergy. I also like sweets and bake with white sugar (shh, don´t tell my doctor!).

As for my online presence, I am not spicing it up with more photos of myself (especially not in a bikini or with praying hands in front of a Buddha statue, God forbid)(I have one of those, but I hide it well), not getting a selfie stick and definitely, I am not paying a $300 fee to volunteer in an animal shelter in the middle of the jungle to write a post about how I helped to save this world.

The New Year´s Eve fervour might still linger, but I just keep being that old shabby me, with my cynism and ill-taste jokes at inapropriate times, with my round belly, messy hair and bad skin.

That´s the way I´m going to finish my thesis, pass my final exams and set to hitchhike accross Asia.

There is no magic wand to change that.

Just plain me. No tattoos, no make-up, no play-it-cool outfits.

Only me and only what I´ve got.

But after all, that´s what it takes, don´t you think?




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  1. lucia

    ja ako kazdorocne dufam este troch uschudnut a nabrat nejake svaly, hlavne nech sa mi netrasu ramena. ale kedze to kazdy rok je rovnako, nejak sa nesnazim na Tom pracovat. aj tak som fatalista, tak naco.

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