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why you can not travel for free
Take the leap and travel!

One day I thought to myself: “Fuck this shit!” and left for Colombia.

Sometimes, too much thinking might not lead you where you want to be. That is the right time to make abrupt decisions, such as taking a year off and moving to another continent to join your summer crush from yet another country you visited.

What’s this blog about?

I created this blog (on a free WordPress platform back then) when I was about to leave for Colombia, in March 2013. Everyone was telling me it was a wrong decision, that I was going to get in trouble, cut in pieces, raped (three times before even leaving the plane), that I was stupid. I refused to listen. Hence the astray in the title. Anyhow, I also refer to the word stray – describing my tumultuous ways of traveling with no guide and no idea about where I´m headed.

Today, this blog has turned into something more than just a diary or a creative outlet: it is a collection of essays, guides, and stories that aim to make your travel experience somewhat more comprehensible. The most recurrent topics are hitchhiking, adventure and urban exploration, however, photography is also an important focus.

The purpose of Girl Astray

is not to convince you to travel. You are better than that – you don´t need me to tell you what you want. However, I do aim at inspiring you to change the angle you look at things and discover places you wouldn´t have thought of visiting.

How to contact me?

I am always happy to hear from my readers! You can get in touch with me easily by email – or contact me via social media if you prefer. Just don´t write me a message on Twitter, please! 😉 Here you can find out more about ways we can work together.

Join me on my journey!

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    • GirlAstray

      Colombia is beautiful and the touristic places are generally safe. It´s better to ask people about places you want to go to before heading there so you have some idea about what´s going on…
      I am slovak, the language goes by the same name and is from the slavic family, together with czech, polish, serbian, croatian, russian and others. Cartels…well, at the moment, they say that the only one running the drug business is the government and so there are no more fights between different groups…that doesn´t mean that you cannot get in trouble when you´re in the wrong place…
      But mostly, just avoid wearing fancy clothes and taking your camera/smartphone/etc. out in shabby places and you should be fine.

  1. Linda


    thx for your blog and interesting posts. I have a question: Can I publish some of your posts/pasts of posts, please? With direct link to your blog of course. I want to share your interesting view with more people.

    I have some “blog idea”, please check:

    or youtube:

    or just let me know so I can sent an e-mail with more info to you…

    Best regards,


    P.S. I know where Slovakia is. I´m half and half 🙂 Zdravím z Prahy 🙂

    • GirlAstray

      1. What’s one thing you really want to accomplish in life?
      Difficult to narrow it down to just one thing! Hmmm…I am good at speaking. But what I want to learn is the art of listening.

      2. If you would have to recommend someone a book which one would it be and why?
      Zen and the Art of the Motorcycle Maintenance. It literally changed my life and solved my problems. And it has a lot of platonic philosophy in it. But I would recommend people to read a lot more than just one book!

      3. If you were to be stranded on an island somewhere which are three things that you would take with you?
      My husband, a machete, a pot for cooking / storing water.

      4. What would you do with the money if you won the lottery?
      Invest so that I can live off something while I travel.

      5. What’s the song you listen to the most these days?
      It´s gonna sound really weird but it´s “He Hit Me and It Felt Like a Kiss” by The Crystals.

      6. What is one piece of advice you would give to someone?
      Don´t listen to people giving you advices. They usually want to solve an old problem of their own. Just decide according to your own gut…if I had listened to advices, I wouldn´t live the life I have at all.

      7. What is your favorite poem?
      Do I have one? I love Haiku, I like the cynical poems of the czech poet Krchovsky too…I think of all the poets, Charles Baudelaire is my dearest. Especially his “De vin, de poésie, ou de vertu à votre guise, mais enivrez-vous!” – timeless.

      8. What is one thing you like about yourself?
      I´m a smart learner when it comes to languages.

      9. What’s you favorite movie at the moment and why?
      The Piano. I have watched it a thousand times and can go on watching it another 1000.

      10. What are you looking forward to this year?
      Finally finishing my degree!

      11. If you could travel in time, somewhere in the world or some place in a book you love what place would it be and why?
      I´d like to go on a trip to Kiev before the Slavic nations got christianized; I am fascinated by the old Slavic religion and I´d love to see what it was all about. Also Arkona before it crumbled to the sea. Probably wouldn´t want to live in those times though…I´m a sissy.

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