Honey days in Trencianske Teplice (Slovakia)

Have a look. These are from Trenčianske Teplice:


Our (wonderful) friends gifted us a two days trip to the local spa which we greatly enjoyed, although…

It would not be us if everything would just go as planned, not even on our luna de miel. Everything could have gone as planned if I´d have just a bit of common orientation sense.

I printed the reservation in the hotel; I checked the address; I loaded the map in my phone; I got the train tickets; I packed everything necessary in our small bag; we got to the train station perfectly on time. So far so good? So wrong.

Since Slovakia has plenty of spa spots and quite a bit of little towns bearing the name of Teplice (for example Turčianske Teplice, Trenčianske Teplice, Sklené Teplice, or Rajecké Teplice…) I got us into a train to the wrong spa. Fortunately, F. has quite a calm personnality and when he found out, he said only: Ay, K., that´s so you. Or something like that.

And so we ended up in Žiar nad Hronom. This small town does not get much tourism, but the local architecture, mainly from the fifties, is still interesting, especially for a guest from another continent. We couldn´t get any bus or train that would take us where we intended to go and so we spent the night in a nice clean tourist hostel right next to the astronomical observatory. Žiar offers cheap and tasty beer and food and is full of metalheads. As we found out in the morning, most of the sixty years old apartment buildings are in a decent shape and recently painted with fresh colors.


Oh, don´t ask me how do I manage to get lost in such a way. I have no idea.

Next day, we enjoyed some scenic views from the front window of a bus (it had a surprisingly serene driver; or so it seemed to us, who are used to the colombian killer&suicidal driving tendencies); the mountains shine with shades of red at this time of the year. We got to our desired destination around the lunchtime.

And it was wonderful.

We were lucky to get the best room in the hotel (with a balcony! and  crazy high ceiling) and we felt like aristocrats. The bathroom even had a bathtub.

To conclude, I´ll: 1) recommend you to visit the village of Trenčianske Teplice because it is a charming place in the woods and you can get delicious fresh spa wafers (it is sorts of tradition to sell wafers – oblátky – in spa towns around here) and walk in the hills around while eating them.


and 2) just doublecheck when you travel. Sometimes it can be really useful.


oplátky (sk) – thin, flat slovak wafers

luna de miel (esp) – honeymoon



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