Toilet courtesy in India

…or where and why “lonely” does not mean a thing. Let´s talk openly about something we all do.

Traffic. Nasik, India, 2014.

In some parts of Asia, people are not quite as concerned with your “private space” as you might expect if coming from Europe. A friend of mine once told me that people in Sweden usually keep a long distance even when waiting for their transport at a bus stop. That is not the case in India. (Or Thailand, Cambodia nor Vietnam, for that matter.)

Hyderabad, India, 2014.

If you are heading to these places, you might want to know that it is quite common (especially in the rural areas) to go do the morning hygiene together; groups of men /women with children go up the hill above their village to some remote place and spend some minutes together getting rid of the unnecessary bodily fluids. (That is why you have to be extra careful when walking around in the countryside; better check twice where you step!)

Arranging a group photo. India, 2014.

Another friend once confided to me a story of an occasion when he was taking a dump behind some bushes and a random guy walked around, frowning at him, just to come back a couple of minutes later, bringing him a bottle of water to clean his butt. Don´t you think it was really thoughtful? This happened in Vietnam, in case you wonder.

Having a picnic. Hampi, India, 2014.

On the other hand, people are not quite as open about other things. For instance, taking a bath in “private” behind your house might not be the best idea if you are staying in a cambodian community. The kids get everywhere and they are fascinated with strangers, wanting to know everything about you, so it is natural that most of the time there is at least one spy checking out your daily activities, perhaps even without you knowing. I have actually seen the local women taking a bath with their clothes on (which I personally find very unpractical).

India, 2014.

Anyhow, it has been long since I´ve come to prefer the asian way of cleaning yourself and when I come accross a toilet with a watergun, it brings solely positive feelings to me.

And what about you?

Public showers, Sri Sailam, India, 2014.

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