Wellness & SPA in Slovakia: Autumn Getaway To Trencianske Teplice

Trencianske Teplice is one of many picturesque spa towns in the forested hills of Slovakia; only a two hours train ride from Bratislava (ehm…unless you are sorta half-witted like me and buy tickets to another place), it is a great spot to watch the trees turn bright yellow while enjoying the local thermal springs and feeling fancy walking between the old-times architecture. And of course, eating waffles. No spa visit is complete without waffles.

I am lucky enough to have awesome friends who gifted us a wellness voucher at a fancy hotel as a gift to our marriage (instead of, you know, a blender or something) and I was obviously stoked to show the beauty of my homeland to my fresh husband fresh off the plane from another continent.

In theory, I did everything right – I printed the hotel reservation, checked the trains, bought tickets and got us to the train station (barely) on time.

I just forgot to double check.

So instead of buying tickets to Trencianske Teplice, I realized after a couple of hours that we are halfway through the journey towards…Turcianske Teplice. Luckily, F knew I had no common, I mean, orientation sense whatsoever before he said yes to me so he wasn’t too bummed. (Besides, he doesn’t give a damn about wellness.)

This way, we did a one-night stopover at Ziar nad Hronom, a particularly communist town full of metal-heads and architecture from the fifties. (With reliefs of field workers, machinery wheels, and geese. Because communism.)

hiking trencianske teplice strazovske vrchy
Hiking in the surrounding hills

Autumn hiking in Trencianske Teplice

We still had a great time admiring all the colors of the forest. If you haven’t thought of Slovakia as THE place for an autumn getaway, well, I am not surprised, but you should put it on your map. (And stop confusing it with Slovenia.)

Here are a few photos to convince you:

autumn in Slovakia, Trencanske Teplice
The colors of the forest

autumn wellness slovakia trencianske teplice

spa wellness trencianske teplice
Beautiful architecture of the SPA resort

autumn slovakia

Besides, the downtown, albeit small, is particularly charming. The main street is pedestrian only, the crisp air smells sweetly with the local waffles and there is even a lake where you can feed ducks. (So exciting.) The lake is actually artificial – some fancy aristocrats have created it to add more charm to the park of their mansion.

Shortly, Trencianske Teplice is probably not for you if you want to party wild, but if you are a boring married couple with eyes only for each other (and for the autumnal forest, of course), I am sure you will enjoy it to the fullest. Maybe even if you are not that boring. Or that married.

spa wellness options slovakia trencanske teplice
One of the houses in the center of Trencianske Teplice
trenciaske teplice architecture
Architecture of Trencianske Teplice
spa trencianske teplice wellness slovakia
Soldier in the park

SPA & Wellness at Hotel Most Slavy

Normally, I don’t care much about staying at fancy hotels, but from time to time, it is amazing to remember that not every trip has to be a camping trip.The hotel named Most Slavy (“Bridge of Glory”) my friends chose for me had lovely staff, great food (with white tablecloths and all that jazz) and we were somehow lucky to get the best bedroom with tall French windows, a view of the park and a balcony. It even had a bathtub. And fancy curtains.

hotel most slavy trencianske teplice wellness slovakia
See the balcony in the middle? That was our room!

Our wellness consisted of a sauna, a session of Jacuzzi, pool and a massage. F’s favorite part was Jacuzzi while I enjoyed the professional care of the massage therapist. I liked especially that he wasn’t in a hurry and even took more time than what was written on my voucher since he thought it was too little to actually achieve something with stiff muscles. If you want to make me happy, send me to a good physiotherapist, anytime.

trencianske teplice autumn spa wellness
The park in front of our hotel

How to get to Trencianske Teplice

There is a direct bus to Trencianske Teplice from Bratislava, but also from Bánovce nad Bebravou, Dubnica nad Váhom, Hlohovec, Levice, Nitra, Nová Dubnica, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Piešťany, Trenčín, Trnava, or Zlaté Moravce. If traveling from other towns, first you will need to get to Trencianska Tepla and take a bus or a tram to Trencianske Teplice from there.

There is no direct train to Trencianke Teplice, but you can travel to Trencianska Tepla which is less than 5 km from Trencianske Teplice and easily take a bus to get to the village – or even walk if your luggage is not too bulky. Sadly, the historical tram which used to connect these two towns is now only operating during the summer weekends, between 10 am, 2 pm, 4 pm and 6 pm, in 2017 between 17th of July and 3d of September. The ticket costs between 0,50 – 1 euro.

You can check connections and timetables of trains and buses at CP.sk. (Scroll down to the lower right corner of the blue table to switch the language to English or German.)

Trencianske Teplice hiking
Hiking in the hills around Teplice

Romantic weekend in Trencianske Teplice, Slovakia

To be honest, we didn’t visit during the weekend, but you get the point. When you get to splash around in a thermal pool and then they feed you like royalty, any day of the week can be Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Trencianske Teplice; in the beginning of November, it was the perfect place to catch the fleeting colors of the fall season.

The climate was still good although the nights were chilly and we enjoyed some sunny weather spent walking in the surrounding hills.

If you are looking for an easy to get, a beautiful and relaxing place to unwind and get your #fallfoliage fix, head to Trencianske Teplice!

Have you tried any SPA or wellness treatment in Slovakia? What is your favorite spot to indulge in the colors of fall?

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Unwinde in the SPA and wellness in Slovakia - enjoy the autumn days in Trencianske Teplice! And f the balbeotheray is not enough, you can also do some hiking. Click to read more!
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