UrbEx & Abandoned

Urban exploration or urbex is often described as modern city archaeology. It has to do with adrenaline rush, longing for adventure and curiosity – mostly it means entering and getting to know abandoned buildings of different kinds – of all kinds, really.

I am trying to map the decaying and abandoned (but attractive) buildings I come across on my travels and back home in an on going series of posts under the category of Urban Exploration, including information on the objects and also extensive photography material.

Currently you can explore these buildings with me – click on the text below image:

hospital Razsochy Bratislava Slovakia
Urbex in Bratislava: a Massive Torso Reclaimed by Nature
Bezrucova hospital Bratislava Slovakia
Urbex: Visiting an Abandoned Hospital In Bratislava
Depo of the abandoned metro construction site in Janikov dvor, Bratislava, Slovakia.
Graffiti Underground: Abandoned Metro Station in Bratislava